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What My Clients Have to Say


I found Master Ling to be very customer oriented

in that she wanted to know the real issues I was facing. She gave real practical answers to my concerns. She did not avoid giving direct answers when I asked about the outcome of one particular future meeting. Her advice was absolutely accurate in terms of what transpired.

She was of real help to me and I would not hesitate in commissioning her again. Her advice helped me and my business avoid a lot of heart ache and potential

business disruption.

Philip Merry


Master Ling was precise and clear on what the consult was about. She is not only a good teacher, to teach us some of the skills she has on Qi Men Dun Jia, but also good at delivering her advices and divinations.


Personally, I was amazed after the consult as she really shared intimate details that wouldn’t be possible to be known even to my closer circle in the organization itself, hence I was very impressed.


She gave many useful advices, and entertained my questions and doubts even after the consultation.

It is without any reservations that I wholeheartedly recommend Master Ling of Qi Men Oracle

to be your Destiny Consultant.

Rachel Jiang

Customer Name: Testimonial

The instant benefits that we see is about our shortcomings, our future as far as health and wealth. Master Ling shows you what you need to be mindful of. Through the consultation, I find short coming in my health which has been bothering me as well as learning more about my children's character and how I can help them reach for their full potentials.

I am grateful for the pointers and I highly recommend everyone to have a chat with Master Ling to see events you could prevent and also areas you can improve. There is no doubt about Master Ling's knowledge, nor the willingness to go the extra miles for our family.

Hart Tan

Qi Men Dun Jia believes in being in the Right place, at the Right time, and taking the Right action with the Right networked support and authority. Throughout both sessions, Master Ling has provided a lot of insights into my current life, and my future spouse.


During the sessions she is very pro-active in advising what could be done to combat potential challenges ahead. She is open to answering difficult questions that I posed. And the advice she has given me has been accurate.


If you need to seek additional advice through Chinese Metaphysics, Master Ling is the person that you are looking for.

Clarence Zeng

Customer Name: Testimonial
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